Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reago's birthday day...

May 19th 2011
My baby is the big 1 today!! So how did we spend our day???

I will take you back to the night before this little beauty turned one. She knew a big day was coming because she decided to take her first steps just days before turning one. This was the night before. Her in mid step.

…mid fall
…. not happy. We rarely see this one cry and to tell you the truth I think it's adorable when she does haha how many parents can honestly say that?? I can.
We met daddy for lunch at costco and then shopped for her party.
We returned home to find a package from Nana and aunt Natalie! Reagan had a blast digging through the box to find that adorable zebra print dress, shoes, books, and an array of play dishes.
We have had many tea parties since… pics to come.
We had a couple last min errands to run before her party on Saturday including ordering balloons. Reagan was of course scared to death watching the lady blow up balloons… surprise surprise. For her bravery the lady gave Reagan her first balloon. Loved looking in my rearview mirror and seeing this :)
We finished the day off with a trip to the library. For those who don't know, this baby is a book worm! Her favorite book to date is hello lulu. There was a period of about 3 weeks when I would read this to her 4-5 times a day and every time I put it up there were tears.

So I knew a quick trip to the library followed by mama reading book after book would make her day. Well look what we found…. could it have been more perfect??!! I didn't even know there were more lulus out there and this caught my eye on our way out. She is in love.

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet Reago!!!


  1. happy birthday sweet Reagan! i can't believe she is 1 years old. such a big girl :) we miss you guys and can't wait to get our kiddos together. baby noah has a huge crush.


  2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world! That's so exciting Jen, I can't believe you're a mom!! It blows my mind, I'm very impressed to say the least!