Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our December

Our December was… eventful! The month flew by which is just what this prego mama loves!! Here is Reagan enjoying the first snow of the season, I think this was actually in November and we really haven't seen much since.
Of course as soon as December hit we had to deck out the house. It is so much more fun with a 19 month old. She loved the tree and every morning as soon as we came downstairs she was asking me to turn on the lights.
What a good little helper!
Of course all her ornaments ended up in the same spot grouped together on the lowest branch.
of course it was so cute I had to snap a pic…. I am clearly a first time mom :)

Reagan continues to be obsessed with her stuffed animals. Every week or two her favorite changes and that is who accompanies us for every book, tea party, and trip to the store. This particular week was challenging because this bear is bigger then her. It was always adorable when she would come around the corner trying to carry him to the car, mommy would have to trade him for one a bit more manageable.

On December 12th Brent and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We spent the day enjoying a delicious lunch at Cheesecake factory, taking Reago to see santa, and just being together. Pretty fun to look back and see how much has happened and to think that after three years we have one sweet baby girl and another on the way.
The next event of the agenda was getting Brent's tonsils taken out. yikes! They have always given him problems and he just got to the point where he had had enough. Everyone was telling him just how bad the recovery is for an adult and let me just tell you… it was. He had a week of complete misery followed by another hard week. We are now on the down hill and hoping he will soon look back and say it was all worth it. Reagan was so sweet to daddy as he got better. She thought the best part was all the ice chips she could eat haha everytime I got Brent a cup she had to have her own.
On his worst days she would lay next to him and keep him company. Apparently his horrible breath did not bother her, or maybe she is just that sweet.
Reagan has really become quite the little mother these days. She will feed, swaddle, and change all her stuffed animals multiple times a day.
Christmas morning!

Drinking some of Grandpa's famous eggnog shake. Yum!

Christmas morning after church. Daddy was still healing from the tonsils
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! We are so blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel in our lives, it brings purpose and hope. We love our family and feel so blessed that it is growing. We are also excited to see what this next year holds for us!

So lets do it again!!

This announcement is way overdue! Everyone already knows but I suppose I should announce it on the blog just to make it official. We are expecting baby GIRL #2 April 14th We are all very excited especially this little one. We know she will be the best big sister and has set the bar pretty high on what it means to be "the perfect baby" I just hope #2 gets the memo :)

This pregnancy has been lots better then Reago's which I have counted as a huge blessing!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Holidays are SO much more fun with a little kido! This year Reago was the cutest black cat you have ever seen.
How mean am I?!? haha We tried out one other costume idea… just for a good laugh. This is how Reagan greeted daddy home from work, unibrow and all!

Halloween party with her cousins

Daddy teaching her the ropes of trick or treating
Finished the night off with a little spooky craft.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alabama in August!

I know what were we thinking??! Can you say humidity?! For about the first three days it felt like you were walking around with a brick on your chest. Everyone kept saying "oh you'll get used to it" I always wondered what Reagan thought every time we stepped outside and suddenly you can't take a deep breath. We spent the first few days in Florida at the beach. It was a great time! We kept the baby slathered up and well hydrated.

Rocking with Nana
Visiting Mimi!

Waterworld… a must!
plenty of wagon rides
and carousel rides!

Visiting Brooklyn's classroom

So glad we were able to make it out there, it was a great way to end the summer!! Roll Tide!

Summer Wrap-up

Well summer came and went… way too fast!!
Apparently we were so busy I didn't have time to blog ;)
So in true Jennie fashion I will now cram the last four months into a couple blog posts. Summer Highlights include:
- lots and lots of sun!
- Saint George/Zions trip with my family
- Fresh Tomatoes from our garden (which consists of two tom plants)
- Reagan's first camping trip up to Mantua campground
- Watching daddy play softball
- Fourth of July (which means I am now 24)
- Reagan conquering her fear of water
- Alabama trip

Reagan having way too much fun at the splash park!
Delicious BLT. A staple this summer.
Welcoming baby Treagan. Our good friends Lindsey and Kelly welcomed this little bundle of joy at the beginning of August. So glad we were able to meet him before our Alabama trip.
Camping up at Mantua campground

Cheering on daddy at his softball games
Me and Reagan took a couple days to spend time up in Brigham with my family. Here is Reagan with my dad's parents. Grandma and Grandpa "M"

Everyday Reagan and grandpa had to check on the garden. She loved trying all the fresh veggies!
Headed to the pool
GNO up American Fork canyon. What a good time!!
Watching fireworks on the Fourth of July
Reagan and Lena
Strawberry days with friends
Hiking in Zions